Don’t Trip Over the Debris

Hmm.  I walked through the virtual door to my blog office this morning, and found my blog stripped of useful things  like search boxes, tag clouds, etc.  Must be a small hiccup in a great hosting service.   I love WordPress.   If this is the worst thing that’s happened in a year, I’m SO onboard.

I’m going to try to re-hang my pictures, find the furniture, and revive the Ficus.   Hopefully you won’t return to Zebra stripes and New Year’s Hats.  But should that happen, I’ll provide the noisemakers!

Let me know what you see?  I see non-transparent white page with words on it, sky blue background, and header picture of buckskin horse’s eye.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Trip Over the Debris

  1. MMMM…. Chocolate! And my favorite shadow pic is back! Very happy. You never fail to deliver an enjoyable blog-surfing experience, Miss Jane. (And thank you for your very kind words about my videos! Made me beam with Tucker-pride!)

  2. Tall, skinny, gorgeous lady on a well-behaved dressage horse. That’s your banner pic, right? I do think the tie-dye background is a little odd, though.

  3. Day-glo orange stripe background, a duck crossing sign for the banner, and recipes for hardtack on the side bar?

    What’d you do, hire my interior decorator?

    1. I tried. Her baldness was a little off-putting, and that tic? The one where she reaches to rip out non-existent hair? Made me nervous.

      Please tell me you attacked her with a Furminator after she messed up your blog!

      1. Ah, no, she looked pretty normal when she left here. A little stressed maybe, but she had all her hair and I didn’t notice her ripping it out.

        I might have been a little harsh, now that I think about it. Probably wasn’t a good idea to pull the axe out.

        If you ever get bored and want to finish my blog, let me know. Because I am feeling uninspired.

        I, uh, promise to leave the axe in the car.

  4. Wow, it looks fantastic! Everything looks fine for me (I browse in Firefox at home). When I go to read a full post or comments and then click back home, your animated picture of the dark horse gets “hung” at the top of the page, but if I refresh, it fixes itself, that was the only little problem. Great design, I likey.

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