Extreme Sacking Out, Illustrated

Here at TLH, we believe in thoroughly sacking out your horse, on an ongoing basis.

All my friends put a lot of steady, quiet effort into sacking out.

A case in point:

I believe Barbie was two.  Clearly she is unnerved.  Poor frightened thing.

7 thoughts on “Extreme Sacking Out, Illustrated

  1. I’m trying to picture how one gets the horse to stick her head through the hula hoop once her feet are in…. Very tricky. I love the tiara shot. She is the prettiest little mare — how is she coming along with her training?

    Tucker on the other hand does not believe in sacking out. He says he’s perfectly brave, no need to startle him on purpose, sheesh. (There was an incident with a rainbow colored daisy-shaped pinwheel recently that he did not think was funny AT ALL. Hmph.)

    1. I think Daisy had her step into the hoop on the ground so her rear feet were in the middle of the circle, then up and over her butt.

      On a mare. A young, hot, TB mare. Touching her hind end.


      We have more Barbie in the works!

  2. Barbie needs to grow up to be an endurance horse so she can wear all kinds of ridiculous pink tack forever .

    You know that’s what she really wants!

    p.s. do these hula hoops have a “shoop-shoop” inside? ‘Cuz that would make the whole process ever-so-much-more interesting, I think.

    1. They do! They have the beads. I learned the hula hoop sack-out from an old cowboy. (Go for the image, it was hilarious.) Daisy didn’t get the idea from me, so clearly it’s been around.

      Old cowboy made a point of getting the hoops with the beads inside. We live in rattlesnake country. The beads help desensitize to that noise.

      By the end of the desensitizing, I could ride my horse with a hula hoop on his butt, one around his neck and one whirling on each arm or overhead. All at the same time. It was a hoot.

      It took time to get to this point. All you beginners out there, do NOT get on and immediately start whirling. 😉

  3. I think I had her step through them? As in one leg at a time. I had a lot of time to kill waiting for her to grow up so I came up with silly stuff. One day we will post her 2nd birthday where she wore a boa and Tiara. Lol

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