Caption Contest

I have no idea yet what you will win.  I’m still working on that part. Hudson (the mouth) and Dinero. (click on photo to enlarge)

In other news:

We have a lot to catch up on!  Things are a little more settled here, so I should be back on a more regular basis soon.  I’m dying to tell you about the Mother Of All Road Trips.

I’m also going to do some spring cleaning on the blog: take some pages down, put up some others, and fool around with the basic appearance to just because it’s SPRING.  So, as in practice braiding, expect a few maddening stray hairs and things that don’t stick, or stick up too much, or poke you with a blunt needle. (sorry in advance)

If you drop by, and it looks like a drunken MC Escher took over the blog, it’s just road work.  I’ll try to get detour signs in place.

Halt Near X has her blog back up (she’s also doing road work), and that is always a great place to go visit.

10 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. Great submissions so far! Here’s my attempt..

    Hudson: Guess what? Jane’s back to riding! That’s the best news I’ve heard all week!!

    Dinero: Hold on now, brother. It’s not THAT great…

  2. Hmm. Speaking of roadwork I have no idea why the “About” is showing up at the bottom of the posts. Don’t like it. Figure if people want to know they will (duh) click “About”. I need to have a little chat with my template…

  3. Hudson – “Hey Dinero… I’m feeling a little horse … does my throat look swollen??”

    Dinero – “Open wide and let me take a look!”

  4. Caption:
    “Hudson, I don’t think you’re flossing enough.”

    Caption 2:
    “And in the movie, the alien had this thing that jumped out like *this*”

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