Spring Break

I hesitated to write the word “break”.  (All of a sudden, I’m superstitious.)

Our house will be overflowing with kids and family, we’re looking forward to that.  We should be able to trick Auntie Daisy and into coming over at least once.  I will once again be welded to my spatula ala Sponge Bob, turning out batch after batch of french toast.  You may not see me here much for a bit.  I’m toying with the idea of Blog Muzak, by posting a photo every so often.  In my case it’s Muzak: I’m not a photographer.  For those of you still caught in the worst throes of winter, I’ll try for spring photos: we all need hope.

For those of you who are sick to death of hearing about me splatting and impaling instead of being ON the horse, you can always type “Jane Bull Ride” into the search box, and see that fine movie.  Be sure to read how, exactly, I ended up on the bull.  I think that’s the post prior to the video.

The same hard stuff is still going on.  That’s life, isn’t it?  One minute  you’re crying, the next you’re laughing, mystified, pulling your bra out of a tree.  What?  I didn’t tell you about that?!


Happy trails.

5 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Please tell the bra in the tree story when your french toast duties are over…. I will be prepared and not be drinking any hot beverages when I tune in to read it! 🙂

  2. This may be good for a giggle. After days of complaining that my elbow hurts, I finally noticed a tube of Surpass that I have been shoving around my desk for months, because I never put anything away. This is a topical pain reliever for horses. I think the pain got to my brain because this morning it made perfect sense to apply the Surpass to the elbow, and much of the arm for good measure. I used a rubber glove on the other hand as per printed instructions (“wear gloves to prevent absorption into the hands”). I thought I remembered a vet telling me that it had not killed her to get it on her hands, but just to be safe I used a glove. Seven hours later, I noticed that my elbow felt all better, and proceeded to panic about what kind of horse pain meds I had ingested. I looked it up and discovered it is the same thing you find in Celebrex. Phew. Not likely to kill me in any unusual way. I thought that this was thematically related to you going “splat” and the resulting discomfort.

  3. I can’t imagine a better story than a bra in a tree, I can’t wait! I do hope things smooth out for you, it’s been a rough winter over here too, so I understand the feeling. Hug a pony…maybe real gently in your case, you know, so you don’t impale yourself or get trampled or something.

  4. bra in a tree?

    that makes that hard stuff sound a little too comical. I think perhaps you and I were separated at birth or are long lost sisters. When things go really really bad, I tend to throw things. Even undergarments.

    May things improve so that you don’t get arrested for indecent exposure. Oh wait, I forgot: you have your ribs wrapped. You’re covered.

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