How to Shop For The Right Human

Ready for some silly?

(oh, right.  This is TLH.  Of course you are.  Senior moment.)

Jane may have spent an leeeetle bit too much time on YouTube yesterday…

Editorial corrections: dog biscuits are bad for horses, don’t do it!   And of course we know that the horse was tied here strictly for video purposes, and should not be tied to that even for video purposes…

3 thoughts on “How to Shop For The Right Human

    1. Story was a huge fan of dog biscuits also…er, the cheap biscuits are made with corn, not meat or meat products. I don’t see anything on the ingredient list that scares me…am I missing something important?

      Or am I a bad person for buying really cheap leetle biscuits instead of the “good stuff” for my fat dog?

      1. I remember reading a serious journal article somewhere *sigh* that dog biscuits were very bad for horses. Let’s see if I can find it?

        Update: couldn’t find anything regarding the issue. Wrote a post to the Equine Veterinary Medicine group on Yahoo to see how the vets weigh in on the subject. I’ll be sure and let you know. 🙂

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