Holiday Horses Parade: AareneX

I was clearing my email inbox of the tons of fan mail I receive.  (How strange that all my fans fall into two groups: those that think I have an appendage that needs to be enlarged, and those who wish to inform me I have a lottery pot waiting to be claimed in the UK.  But at least they write?)

In the middle of: delete delete delete, I saw an unopened email from AareneX.  No!  How did that happen?? I missed  – sob – the Holiday Horse parade entry from Haiku Farm. And it’s adorable.  Dang it!

But wait!  This is TLH.  Valentine’s day is a whole month away, therefore…Christmas is still on!  Happy Holidays!!

Many thanks to AareneX and Haiku Farm: fabulous entry.  AareneX, my apologies!

Aarene I want to knit your hat.  It all knocks me out, but the goats are fantastic!  How cute are they?

18 thoughts on “Holiday Horses Parade: AareneX

  1. I love these shots! This looks like it took a lot of preparation – those kids are fully dressed! Glad you got it up, better late than never in my book. It’s a motto I live by! 😉

    1. I admit: I have a *huge box* of costume parts that will fit on animals and people.

      When I decide to dress animals up for some event or other (Hallowe’en is a big event at Haiku Farm, for example) I drag the big box down to the paddocks and start flinging stuff on animals.

      The menfolk in my family have learned to help, lest I fling tinsel or stupid hats on them . “Preventative costuming”, I guess you could call it…

      The goats are always the cutest. That’s the nature of goats, I guess.

      1. Ha ha ha, I’m not sure what I should ask first: how did you train the men? or how did you train the animals? lol Ahh, I guess the men would be harder, right? 😉

      2. AareneX, I think you’ve found yourself a whole bunch of volunteer goat sitters should you go out of town!

        I wonder if the home owner’s association would notice a goat in the side yard…

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