The Walgreens Chickens

I need to stop at the drugstore, Walgreens, to get a diet Coke and some dog cookies.  I’m picking Christmas up from a terrifying day at the vet’s, and want to have his favorite cookies.  I’m tense and worried.  I don’t know what the vet is going to say about the x-rays or his possible ligament tear.

And then I see the chickens.

I’m 100 feet from a busy freeway in the middle of a city, and there are chickens.

In this moment, I become okay again.  Nothing has changed.  But life feels a little brighter, more solid.  A world in which a chain drugstore lets chickens live in it’s parking lot is a good world.

Maybe the vet has good news.

(She did.  Christmas is okay!)

14 thoughts on “The Walgreens Chickens

    1. Whoohahahah…
      Oops I mean, gosh, really?

      I could live in a world run by Shetlands. My forehead would be sore from scraping the ground while bowing and saying “yes, master”, but the rewards would be so worth it.

  1. It’s funny. My family probably wouldn’t blink at the chickens.

    But my kids think pigeons are amazingly interesting.

    As a native New Yorker, I think pigeons are like dirt — everywhere and not worth a second glance. Every time I took them to a city when they were smaller they would follow the pigeons around with rapt expressions.

    They’ve finally outgrown that phase, but I do think of it every time I go back to the city.

  2. This cracked me up! A nearby “downtown” area here is known for its chicken population. They are commonly seen strutting around the bank parking lot and (my personal favorite) the Popeye’s chicken fast food joint. You can even get bumper stickers that read “I brake for Oviedo chickens” – gotta love Central Florida!!

    So glad Christmas is Ok after all!

      1. Yes, if I were more technologically advanced I would send you the photo I took on my cell phone of the rooster just underneath the menu board. I could have died laughing!

        1. If this helps: I took the photo (don’t have an iphone) and scratched my head. How to get it onto the computer? I guessed. I sent it as a picture message, and instead of putting a phone number in the “to” line, I put my email address. Voila. On the computer.

  3. This is pretty funny. I’m actually terrified of chickens. In an irrational, uncontrolable phobia kind of way. So…. this sight would not have signaled world peace to me. Instead, the following would ensue: Marissa runs, screaming, arms flailing, struggles desparately to climb back into her truck before the killer chickens catch up to her, and then breathes a sigh of relief once the doors are safely locked behind her, back onto the busy highway in search of a new chicken-free establishment. As Marissa drives down the road and her heart returns to its normal rhythms, she wonders why any respectable business owner would run the risk of having their patrons maimed in the parking lot by obviously murderous chickens clearly lying in wait outside Walgreens for their next victim….

    1. Ahem. We have just changed the Miss Universe acceptance speech.

      “And to help achieve the goal of world peace, I will work hard to ensure a shetland pony is placed at every Walgreens…”

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