Are We Merry Yet?

Just checking.
In case you lost “Merry” under piles of torn wrapping paper, ribbon, a sink full of sticky pots, and scrubbing red wine out of the carpet, we have a little something that might tickle it back into existence.

Many thanks to Terri and Tim in Oregon for sending this in!

This video dedicated to Daisy….who talked me down from a shopping meltdown and is refraining from throwing her heels at employees even as we speak.

2 thoughts on “Are We Merry Yet?

    1. Exactly my thoughts yesterday, as I shared a covered arena with five kids on five frisky horses. Still learning to steer. Remember that?

      Bring on the summer footing!

      We had a good game of “Follow the Leader”: Tiny and I took the lead and the horses settled right down: “Oh. Follow that horse, do what he does. Okay.” Kids had fun, and we still did our workout. ๐Ÿ™‚

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