Holiday Horses Parade: Wendy and Buddy

If you haven’t already, meet Wendy, of Wendy’s Horse Adventures, and Buddy.  Photo below shows off his antlers.

One of the things I love: Wendy has a helmet on under the stocking cap.  Now why have I never thought of that?  Warmer, and stylish.  Nice one, Wendy!

This is so adorable and fun I can hardly stand it.  Maybe it’s the Mr. Chips memories, but Buddy is looking a lot like a giant Mr. Chips to me right now.

Thanks Wendy, for sharing Buddy with us in his holiday finery!

11 thoughts on “Holiday Horses Parade: Wendy and Buddy

    1. …but would you be jealous of temps in the negative and wind that blows your nose off?

      I love the winter, and I’m pleased with how the costume turned out…thanks!

  1. I was in California? I wish…would have been nice to meet everyone. 🙂

    The Mr. Chips stories have really resonated with me – Buddy and Mr. Chips seem to have a lot in common – a love of music and practical joking especially.

    When I did the costume, I had a title in mind, actually: Elf rides the reindeer for some exercise. I always wanted to be an elf. 😉

    Hope everyone’s New Year’s dreams come true.

    1. Warning: this may go into a “Who’s on first”. Wendy was in California? 🙂

      Dang sometimes the internet is too big, we all need to go for a cup of coffee and a trail ride together.

    1. Okay…wait for it…

      Me too! 🙂

      (My running joke is I’m queen of the useful “me too” comments.)

      Seriously, I appreciate meeting you as well, and have taken heart many many times from you and your writing, helping me stay on the right trail.

      Merry Christmas!

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