Why Horses Wednesday: The Buck

Why horses?  Because each one is unique.

This 3-year-old warmblood is quite a bronc, if you look at that range.  My friend Molly just purchased True, and I went to take future Aw-Remember-When scrapbook photos.

This could be two different horses.  No really.  Try it.  Put your hand over the photo so it covers everything from the girth forward.  You’re looking at some major bronc action. Sign him up for the PRCA!

Now slide your  hand to the left, and cover everything from the girth backwards, you should see…

…calm bucking?

True looks like someone’s goofy kid brother trying to prove he can walk on his hands: Duuuuude…look what I can do.  No, really!  Watch THIS.  I bet you 10 pounds of carrots I can make it all the way across the arena on just my front hooves.  Aw c’mon…just watch okay???

I can almost see the skateboard beanie and kick flip.

His ears are relaxed, his eye is soft, there is no tension on the line.  Gianna quietly asked him to canter on, without moving the lunge whip,  and he let fly with the joy of being athletic and alive.

You gotta love the camera.  It catches things that are happening that our brain doesn’t process.  I took more than 100 photos, and in fully half of them, his eyes were closed.  At the trot and canter.  I have never EVER seen a horse trot or canter with its eyes closed.  The law of averages says I couldn’t have caught every single blink.  Unfortunately, I deleted all of those as unsuitable (dang it!) but missed this one.

Below, however, is how True looks the majority of the time.

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