Hanging Shingle: Gone Riding

A responsible blogger has at least two weeks worth of back up posts in the can.  An irresponsible blogger wakes up and thinks, “GAH.  I have nothing to put up!  I spent the whole weekend doing real-world stuff.  Crap.  (This Real World stuff is annoying.)  I didn’t think of one single thing!

Strike that.  I thought of a billion things.  But I was driving, riding, cooking dinner (read: pouring cereal), attending an awards ceremony, or taking photos when the ideas hit: none of them made it to paper.

I’m going riding.  We’ll put it under the classification of “research and development for the blog”.

It may get interesting (or it may not): with my saddle in the shop, I’ll most likely be riding Hudson bareback.  He’s difficult to fit correctly, and it’s a rare saddle that fits him.  Generally he relaxes when you ride him bareback.  Put a six ton (to me) roping saddle on him and the dude is ready for action.  Since my job is to relax him…

I’ll report back!

7 thoughts on “Hanging Shingle: Gone Riding

  1. Oh dang, put me on the list of Bad Bloggers Who Don’t Have Backups. I think of plenty of great stuff while lying in bed. Far from my computer. Too tired to get up. But at least I have discovered your blog, yay for horses and literary things (how’s that for an inane thing to say?!)!

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the back up posts. Ha! I’ll get to that after the Thanksgiving Day gang is fed and gone home. Oh wait, then it’s time to shop for Christmas. Hey, life happens, I doubt there will be much blogging going on here either. But I’ll miss your wit until you get back. Relax … take a ride.

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