Tim Sturm Memorial Roping: A Preview

It was perfect weather, a wonderful group of people, and a good turn out.  The younger end of the actively roping age range: 14-15 years old (and yes, they made their catches), the older end of the age range appeared to be mid 70’s, (and yes, they made their catches too!)  There was the smell of burgers grilling, and a bag of chocolate chip cookies suddenly appeared under my nose.  Bella said. “Want one?  Mom made them.”  Did I want one of Mom’s cookies?  Are you kidding?  They’re to die for.  I thought I made the best chocolate chip cookies.  Wrong.  Bella’s mom, hands down.  I don’t have all the details yet, or all the photos proofed,  but I’ll tease you: winner of high point over both cash pots went home with this:

I got some great photography lessons from Bella’s mom and dad, who are both wonderful photographers.  They were very generous with their time and knowledge.  What do I know about shooting a roping?  Nada. They knew plenty!  I learned.  Neither if them blinked after asking me what kind of lens I was using, and I responded, “Um.  A big one?”  They took me under their wings, and I learned more!

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