Free Cake!

It’s Jane’s birthday, so y’all get as much cake as you want, it’s your favorite kind, and it’s all calorie free.

I’ve been wondering what I wanted to say on my birthday (other than FREE CAKE, always wanted to do that).  I’m still wondering.  Which, unfortunately for your boredom level, means free association.

Shaun will take me out to dinner to any place I want to go.  Anywhere.  I’m a sucker for the little black dress, which means A Little Black Dress Restaurant.  Why on earth do I collect cocktail dresses?  Who really uses more than one or two?

Last time we went shopping, Daisy had to pull me away from the cocktail dress section:  “I don’t think we really need another cocktail dress to wear to the feed store, do you?   Jeans, Jane.  You need JEANS.”  It was kind of this layered, iridescent lavender chiffony type number, with a V neck and a nice Old Lady Upper Arms capped sleeve.  Perfect.  For that corporate party I’ll never attend. Dang.  Why does she have to be right?

It’s my birthday!   I can wear my little black dress and heels, pile up my hair, put on makeup, and Go Out.  Uh-Huh.

Where do I really want to eat?  The taco place in the mall.  I love their enchiladas.  Lots of good memories there.  We go often in the summer with the kids: Micah picks up Chinese from the food court upstairs, Lee-Lee vacillates between tacos and chow mein, and we all meet in the taco shop and eat together.

Yes.  I have accidentally had a taco with soy sauce on it.  Weird, but not too bad.  Those little foil packets squirt everywhere when you try to open them.  I stopped wearing anything white to the taco shop long ago.

So I’m about to put on a pair of cute jeans, and head out to the mall for my birthday dinner at the Taco Shop.  Shaun is trying not to cringe: “Um, honey, is this really where you want to go?  What about that Italian place?  We can go somewhere fancy!”

It is really where I want to go.  Despite the last longing look into my closet at the cocktail dresses.

It feels like family.  It feels like togetherness and fun, summer and romance (we used to eat together there, Shaun and I, before the kids came along).   It feels like what birthdays are supposed to be about.

14 thoughts on “Free Cake!

  1. Happy belated b-day! I would’ve shared the lovely German Chocolate Cake I made if I hadn’t been busy entertaining family all weekend. Dang!

    BTW I love cocktail dresses too but at the company holiday party their wearing just dresses. (gasp!)

  2. Happy birthday!

    Who needs fancy when you have your family with you.

    My fave for my birthday dinner (in July) is our local seafood take out place. If I tell them it’s my birthday they slip me a few “extras.” Then we take it all to the pond for a picnic.

    Now, having had tacos when I was out in SF I must say that California tacos are a completely different beast than the ones here in Boston. I would certainly consider the ones we ate there to be birthday worthy.


    1. Oh I thought about it! I was even holding one up in front of the mirror when Lee Lee wandered in, aghast: You’re not going to wear THAT to the mall, are you??!?

      I considered the teen embarrassment potential (always useful) and decided to go for cohesive family fun, instead of two teens at the next table wearing sunglasses, pretending they didn’t know us.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From me, Tucker, Julie, and Lilly. We hope the tacos were delicious, the laughs were many, and that you felt celebrated for the warm, funny, clever woman that you are. Here’s to you Jane!

    1. Thanks! We had a great time, I had CAKE with blue glitter candles (the inner princess never dies), and Shaun caught the age-dust fairy, and swatted her into the mosquito zapper.

      Very satisfying Zzzzzt.

      Great day!

  4. Great Cake Jane, thanks!
    Sorry I didn’t save any – kinda like ‘low fat’ Doritos – didn’t see a problem with eating all of it . . . :]

    Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy belated Birthday, Jane! Sorry I didn’t catch this yesterday! Hope it was a great one and the tacos rocked. =)

    I laughed when I read about your cocktail dress addiction. I am a recovering dress junkie as well and have only just decided (after 10 years, 5 moves, and no occasions to wear them) to part with them. ‘Tis a sad day…

    1. Why oh why is it the cocktail dress that captivates me? I find I only wear them, okay, ONE, during winter to holiday parties, on New Year’s eve, I freeze to death (all the good ones are sleeveless) because they look ridiculous with sweaters and most wraps. And who wears cocktail dresses anymore? They’re so 1950’s.

      I wonder how they’d look as wall art. You know, like vintage Kimonos?

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