Why Horses Wednesday

Contributions:  Check out Michelle’s response at From The Horse’s Back!

My answer today:


Because six hours earlier, this little guy was still in that belly up there.


And because in dinner conversation with horse friends recently, I was talking about the problem I had in taking care of an infant (human) during an emergency. I said “He hadn’t been weaned yet, and his mom wasn’t able to pump any breast milk because it was an emergency.  Poor little guy was stunned by no mom and the sudden appearance of icky stuff in a bottle.”

I looked up, and realized none of us had caught my use of the term “weaned”:  like you would wean a foal.   We were all just going with the program.

6 thoughts on “Why Horses Wednesday

  1. Oh my goodness! So cute! I can almost feel his fluffy soft baby fur on those tiny little newborn ribs! The birth of a foal and watching their first few hours of wobbling around and playing and being adorable is such an amazing day!

    1. I love your post, it’s beautiful – very much my pleasure.

      I know. When I said to Daisy and Bella, “Uh, sorry guys, you know what I mean.” They looked at me completely mystified. “Weaned?”, I said. And we all burst out laughing.

  2. I stumbled across your blog and I sincerely don’t mean to intrude. I wanted to say that I think horses and, well…all animals are facinating. The pictures you have here are a delight!

    1. Not intrusive at all, welcome! And here, (no groaning from the regulars please) have a donut!

      Happy you caught a glimpse of “Why horses?”, as your mentioning they are a delight proves. It’s good when it comes across. 🙂

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