Tim Sturm Memorial Roping

Event Announcement

On November 15, 2009 , there will be memorial roping in honor of Tim Sturm, generously hosted by Sunland Stables in Santa Rosa, California.  This roping is a benefit event, with all proceeds going to his family.   Tim passed away from the swine flu this summer.  As anyone with a ranch can imagine, this has had a great impact on his wife fiscally as well as emotionally.  Tim was 39 years old.

Tim Sturm
Tim Sturm 1970-2009

Tim was a good friend of Bella’s, she and Hudson often helped him work cattle on his ranch, just up the road.  This has been a difficult time for many in the tight knit roping community.

There are many ways you can help: come rope, come watch, or donate.

Event details: so far, 200 teams are anticipated, but there is room for more! No pre-registration required.  Show up, register, and rope.  Start time: 9 am.

This event is open to the public, and it’s free to come watch.  Bella and Hudson will be roping, along with the rest of Tim’s friends.  I’m giving her a Sharpie, and she’s agreed to sign autographs and pose for pictures. (btw Bella, sorry about the twist burn on your arm.  Didn’t mean to twist it that hard.)  Bring T-shirts,  baseball caps, whatever you want signed.  I haven’t gotten to Daisy yet to see if she has that date open, but I imagine I can blackmail talk her into signing as well.  I’ll be the one behind the camera.  You might have to guess: there will probably be many cameras!


Sunland Stables, address pending…

Okey dokey.  I drove by to get the address, and I couldn’t tell which mailbox belonged to the venue.  So I’m going to give you good old-fashioned country directions.  It’s in Santa Rosa, CA. You can Google  the location. Take Wilfred Ave heading west, turn right onto Sunland Ave, and it’s the 2nd or 3rd driveway on the left.  You can’t miss it.  Big covered arena back left of property, and big open arena (with announcer’s booth) right front of property.  There will be a ton of horse trailers, cowboys, cowgirls, horses, ropes and steers.  I think you’ll find it.  If someone out there has the actual address…would you send it on?  Thanks!

Entries and How it Works:

Bella said all you ropers would understand.  For the woefully roping ignorant (cough, cough…me), she gave the clear explanation below.  After I agreed to apologize to her employer for 700 non-work related emails.

  • Event is enter as many times as you want, 3 steers for $25 per person, progressive after 1.
  • This is a “draw pot” which means you do not sign up with your patner, the computer will assign you one.
  • If you catch your first steer, then you get your second; if you catch your second, then you get your third. Fastest time on 3 steers wins.
  • Will pay in the average as well as fastest time on the first steer.
  • Saddle is high point prize over both pots.


  • High Point Winner of the Day: Saddle
  • Two Cash Pots: amount dependent on number of entries.  Expected: 100 teams for each pot, which make each pot worth about $3,350
  • Reserve High Point of the Day: Saddle Pad
  • Average Winners of Each Pot: Breastcollars
  • Other:
    • 3 cases of wine (with etched belt buckles on them!)
    • 10 subscriptions to Ropers Sports News (statewide roping newspaper)
    • Rope gift certificates
    • Horse leg boots

Direct donations to the family can sent to Redwood Credit Union (if you are local, deposits may be made at any branch).  Checks should be made out to: Memorial Account for Timothy, account # 9749

6 thoughts on “Tim Sturm Memorial Roping

  1. This is so sad and he died so young. I hope that you have a large turn out and successful event. It’s great that you’re helping to spread the word through your blog.

    1. I hope so too on the large turnout. It’s after the roping Nationals (next week) so should give everyone enough time to rest and yet still be ‘season-fit’ and want to turn out for the benefit.

      If anyone thinks their readers would be interested, please do cross post!

      I will be putting this post up as a sticky until after the roping, with new posts below, BTW. 🙂

    1. Thanks! We all know it’s going to be fun – bittersweet for friends of Tim’s – but we also hope it will help his widow with some of what she is facing.

      I’m sure you guys will get to see photos!

  2. It is so sad. I hope so too.

    I’m guessing they won’t be able to keep the ranch, but can’t imagine it will sell easily in this market.

    Dealing with the loss of your husband, and possibly the home you built together? Horrifying.

    Thanks for your well wishes, I believe they help too!

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