Why Horses Wednesday

“Why Horses?”

Occasionally non-horse people ask me that directly.  Usually the question comes as a mystified look or oblique comment.  Words disappear from my brain, and I rarely manage an answer beyond the ever informative “I like them?”.  When I do come up a few descriptive words, they are deeply inadequate: leaving me and the genuinely curious disappointed.  I have never had a horse person ask me this question.

My intense love of horses is rooted in a deeply emotional area of my heart, where words are superfluous and far too ephemeral to accurately convey “why horses”.

In the last few months, I’ve been around non-horse people much more than is normal for me.  I’ve been hearing this question repetitively, and I’m never prepared.  There is a dark side that lurks beneath the surface of “Why Horses?” When I look deeper, I see “No Horses”: a concept I cannot bear.   When I witness what I am not capable of comprehending, I am turned into a pillar of salt.

This is helpful if I’m explaining myself to a  horse with a Salt Block Addiction, but not helpful when I’m talking to a human who is genuinely interested.

Stay with me here, I’m free associating.  You may as well follow my convoluted track.

  • Enlightened Horsemanship has a Wordless Wednesday.
  • Since words fail me when faced with this question, why don’t I start a “Why Horses” Wednesday on TLH?
  • And open it up to your responses?  Interested (?):
    • send me links to an answer on your blog (I link and credit)
    • send me links to an answer on someone else’s blog (I link, credit sender, and blog owner)
    • send me your own photos or words in email (please be mindful of property rights, and send only things to which you have license.)
    • and comment away!

This Wednesday’s answer:


Elegant to goofily adorable in one turn of the head.


I have a special affection for Hog. I watched him come out of his mother’s womb, take his first steps, and saw his first joyous discovery that he could RUN. Much to his disbelief, he tore around the paddock: turning exactly like – you guessed it- a motorcycle. (I really should ask his registered name.)

I watched Katherine work with him for years, until the day came when it was time for his first ride out of the round pen, and I ponied the two of them (precautionary measure) off of Jumbo: the unflappable former mafia boss of retired racetrack pony horses.  We both dismounted after 30 seconds, so I could dig out and don the barn’s pair of old-fashioned, cowboy, batwing heavy-brush-or-cattle chaps.

Hog learned immediately Jumbo would take him OUT if he tried to bite him. Unfortunately, Jumbo could care less if Hog bit me.  Hog is quick and smart. Katherine was paying absolute attention, keeping him solidly between the reins, and he whipped those teeth out and back so fast, I wouldn’t have known he bit me if it didn’t hurt!

Hog is now working nicely on 1st level.  And he doesn’t bite.

13 thoughts on “Why Horses Wednesday

  1. Why horses? For me, a young adult fixing to drop out of college and pursue a career as a jockey, horses make my dreams come true. Thoroughbreds are the gilded winged rides between myself and the ground- so I never have to return to earth.
    I enjoy your blog. http://delilawagton.wordpress.com/ ~Delila

    1. Hi Delila,
      Thanks for telling us your “Why Horses”. Now how cool is that? (I know I’m not supposed to say that, as a mom, but I don’t care!)
      Amen to TB’s and racing.

      I’ve only felt a seasoned TB racehorse “build” speed into himself one time, and thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Lord have mercy, that was astounding. I wanted to let him OUT. I was hooked after three strides. Chuck the dressage, I want to ride race horses! Pops was liking it too.

      I visited your blog and loved reading about your journey, I hope the rest of you guys will be inspired and go visit. 🙂

      (Trust me, you want vicarious racing? You’re going to get hooked.)

      Glad you enjoy the goofiness over our way, and hope you give us more Why Horses as the reasons unfold.

  2. That pictures is the perfect answer to “why horses?”.

    When really pushed for an answer, I usually mumble something about Freud, my parents, and a rocking horse I was obsessed with as a kid…

  3. I love the idea of a “Why horses Wednesday” every week! I can tell you why horses this week… Yesterday my life was feeling like it was just falling to pieces around me and without thinking I got in my truck and drove to the farm and stood in the aisle watching my horse get new shoes on. It was the middle of the day, I should have been at work, but I used a dentist appointment as a good excuse and just drove to the barn and stood there. And all of a sudden, I was grounded. Things were not all falling to pieces, or if they were, I no longer cared. And all he did was stand quietly for the farrier, occasionally reach out and sniff my hair, and smell like a horse on a chilly fall day with the sun setting slowly behind him. Sigh.

    1. So glad you could do that. Just reading your account calms me right down.

      I had to do the same thing yesterday. Doozy of a storm. No one in their right mind would go out, let alone ride in it. Went to the barn, and buried myself in Tiny’s neck.

      And since I’m rarely in my right mind, yes I did go riding. 😉

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