Tuxedo Kittens Monday

These kitties were abandoned, and have a temporary position in a tack room near you (if you live in northern California).  They need a permanent home.

If you are interested, email me, and we’ll do the “my people will contact your people” connecting  until everything is settled.

I’m off to ride my guys (will report back) but wanted to get this up, in the unlikely event that the 12 of you who read this blog live in northern California, and want to give the cutest darn kittens a home.  They are shy and anxious, but actually approached strangers (us) after a few minutes of leaving them alone.  Pretty good considering the flash from the camera!

the light is flashing in my eyes!  They aren't really lime green!

I can do horses.  See?

Just me and my sibling.  Hanging.  Someone forgot to ask our genders.

2 thoughts on “Tuxedo Kittens Monday

    1. The owner of the barn will continue to take care of them if homes can’t be found, but they would be better off as family cats. Barn is on a road with a 50 mph speed limit, enough to make any cat owner anxious.

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