The Literary Horse To Host The October Carnival of The Horses

CarouselPhoto Courtesy of The State Library of New South Wales

Right here!

This is going to be SO fun.

Due to recent events, I have not posted information about the carnival in a timely manner (read: ACK I totally forgot I was hosting.  Okay, I forgot it was September, and October comes next.  And I had a commitment for October.  OH NO!)  I’m hoping you will gallop in to my rescue (and the carnival organizer’s utmost relief) on your proverbial white horses.

Don’t know what a Blog Carnival is, exactly?  Oh good.  I didn’t either. Essentially, it’s the equivalent of a topical magazine (in this case around horses) that travels from blog to blog.  The Literary Horse is hosting the Carnival of The Horses for the month of October.

How it works:

  1. I panic and write this post I ask for submissions from other bloggers (you!)  on anything horse-related that you have written.  Submissions may be serious, funny, useful, photographic, a day-in-the-life-with-horses, news reporting, whatever moved you to write one of your favorite, or your reader’s favorite, posts.
  2. I link to your post. (probably with a short excerpt)
  3. You get new readers and share your brilliant [reporting, writing, photographic, blogging] skills and your unique take on horses with the world!
  4. This lasts for the entire month of October.  (But act now, don’t delay!  Get yours in before the rush!  I won’t be able to cram them all in on October 31!  Uh, we won’t mention I’m late, and you’d be doing me a favor.  Okay.  We will mention this!)

Submission forms here.

Grab some cotton candy, and dive in!  Don’t be modest.  We want your perspective.

6 thoughts on “The Literary Horse To Host The October Carnival of The Horses

      1. You guys are the bomb!
        Cake all around! Pick your favorite: it’s a party.

        The Carnival organizer (THANK YOU KIM) will be sending me the code for the submissions when she has a moment.

        A slight delay is perfect, since it allows us time to stuff our faces, loosen our belts, and swap horse stories.

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