Academy Award for Horse Care

I’m cross-posting.  (Don’t usually do that, but feel it would be good to keep this out there: old horse does not equal skinny and malnourished horse) This video is shown as a link in this post on Fugly Horse of the Day.  All credit to FHOTD.

The pony is 42 years old.  In light dressage competition.

No, that is not a typo.  Kudos to Lavender Hill Riding Academy, to whom this pony belongs.  Would that everyone have such excellent horse husbandry.

5 thoughts on “Academy Award for Horse Care

  1. I totally love this video.
    It says everything there is to say about owner responsibility: superb care, life-time commitment, love, and joy in the pony. Clearly he isn’t being asked to do more than he can comfortably do. His life has care, purpose, and meaning. Beautiful.

  2. How cute are they! I love seeing the little kids out showing in dressage. She looks very professional in her little coat and he seems like such a good soul!

  3. i didnt think twas a typo since i just recently saw a 37 year old competitive arabian in endurance… they’ll out live us one way or another 🙂


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