Creative Dismounts: Liz’ Story

From Liz of Equine Ink

Okay, I’m game to share.

The problem is I’ve hit the ground so many times, it’s hard to know which one would be considered the most creative.

Was it the very first time I fell from a horse (one of my earliest memories–I think I was two).  I have a vivid memory of sliding slowly down the side of my horse when it trotted across a field.  Dropping inch by inch until I landed in a pile of horse poop!

Was it the time I fell off my horse, held onto the reins and surfed behind him through the bed of poison ivy?  That had a spectacular result!

Was it the time my horse stopped at the first XC fence at an event, and my trainer caught my fall over the fence on video (which she showed over and over again)?

Was it the time that I was out hunting and the horse in front of me stopped suddenly, causing me to go flying over my horse’s shoulder, smashing my glasses (I remounted and kept going.  It was like riding through an impressionist painting!)

Mostly I’m glad that the vast majority of the time the only thing that was hurt was my pride.  I still hold to The Visible Bruise rule, and rarely ‘fess up to a fall unless it’s brutally obvious!

2 thoughts on “Creative Dismounts: Liz’ Story

  1. Okay. Now I’m remembering getting royally tossed on a narrow hill trail. We came across a rattle snake…it rattled (sounded like trash cans banging together) but left horse alone, and I went merrily rolling down the hill side through roughly 100 feet of poison oak. And blackberries. Horse ran the five miles or so back to the trailer. Totally forgot that one.

    How can you forget this stuff? Sweaty, tired, full of holes and thorns, knowing full well I was going to get the whole shebang.

  2. I guess the trainer keeps showing the video over and over again. Sort of like a ‘don’t let this happen to you’ training video. It’s nice to be used as a training tool and to be of help for others.
    It really does make me feel good to know I’m not the only spazz out there. Looking forward to more stories of mishaps.

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