Creative Dismounts: Chapter 2

From Kim of Enlightened Horsemanship Through Touch

Many thanks (and a special slice of especially tasty cake) to Kim for planting the seed for this series in the comments section of Hold Your Horses.  (Jockey lives by hanging onto horse’s neck after coming off during a flat race.) This was her response to that post!

That happened to wee me once, on my monstrous Percheron mare Millie. I perched on her neck and head like a flea, and she just ambled to a stop and slowly lowered her head, depositing me on the turf like a gift.

Then she looked at me with a quizzical look, like “why did you dismount that way? that’s new!”

I laughed like a hyena all the way down….plonk!

From Anonymous

I didn’t see a name in the body of the email, so assumed you wish to remain anonymous, if not, let me know, and I’ll your name up.

Back when I was a teenager in Vermont, I was riding my tank of a Morgan Mare (Dream).

Every spring she was full of P & V, and usually threw some bucks in every ride, for the first few weeks she was back under saddle.

We were cantering across a hay field and she let loose with a BIG buck.  The ground was damp from the morning dew: she lost her footing and we had a rotational fall.  I stayed in the saddle until we hit the ground.

We both laid there for a second and then I remember walking her around making sure we were okay. My dad was watching and said she hit so hard he though she broke her neck.  We were both shaking and her tooth had cut her lip.  I broke a few ribs and a collar bone (not the first or last break for both).  We were both pretty lucky that day.

After it was determine that we were both (mostly) okay, I hopped back on and we went a few minutes more so we would get over any fear.

The funny thing is she didn’t buck for the rest of the year.  The next spring though, she was back to her old tricks.  I miss that horse every day (she was laid to rest at the age of 27 after a bad bout of colic).

We also had a Shetland that liked to roll over on us kids.  He could go from a gallop to a roll in the blink of and eye.  But that’s another story…

Jane: love to hear ’em all.  You got back on with a broken collar bone and broken ribs???!  I bow down before your fortitude.

5 thoughts on “Creative Dismounts: Chapter 2

    1. Amen to that. I love to watch beautiful riders of any discipline, and make a stab at riding beautifully myself.

      And still, there is something so…human…and relieving to hear I’m not alone in making idiot mistakes or simply having a wacko fall.

    1. Sure! It was Daisy’s.

      I can’t say others wouldn’t have done the same, if I had not been ultra careful to refrain from drinking anything when reading submissions. 😉

      Daisy swore up and down it was not well written or funny, and would need editing (totally NOT).

      Since I known both her and Bing, I had an incredible visual of Bing tearing out of control with this THING flapping over his head, and Daisy still being together enough to yell “Emergency Dismount!” while flying pell-mell through the air.

      Totally Daisy.

  1. Ouch, that had to hurt. I don’t know if I would have had the nerve to get back on after a fall like that.

    I liked Kim’s too, I could see that happening to anybody. We all sure have some funny ways to dismount.

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