Hold Your Horses!

This falls into the don’t try this at home category. I’m sure you have a lot of things of your own that come under this header!

I am often faced with disbelief (after relating a horse accident to the non-horsey) when I say “the horse tried not to hurt me.”  This video embodies  that concept.  The horse is trying to accommodate the situation…and succeeds, much to the jockey’s relief, quite possibly saving his life.

I don’t agree with the title, it’s not hilarious.

It does show you what heart a horse can have, and the dangers of flat racing.  Quick thinking on the part of the jockey!

Jockey and ride are listed as Nate Hubbard, 1989

9 thoughts on “Hold Your Horses!

  1. omg. that’s wonderful. lucky guy.

    that happened to wee me once, on my monstrous Percheron mare Millie. I perched on her neck and head like a flea, and she just ambled to a stop and slowly lowered her head, depositing me on the turf like a gift. then she looked at me with a quizzical look, like “why did you dismount that way? that’s new!”

        1. I think I feel a post coming on containing the most, um, creative dismounts. Lilli watched one she’s still talking about. We were riding together, spring, footing was solid, but freak wet spot on the base under the footing. Hudson slid at the canter and went part way down, and Lilli says (emergency dismount!) I vaulted off like a gymnast and stuck the landing.

          1. Oh if only there were video. Did you smile the fixed robotic-adolescent smile and sleek back your ponytail? Were you wearing a teensy leotard? You were only following orders, after all!

            I can add to that post if you write it. I was riding once with a friend who went down into a bog. Shocking.

          2. I have to confess, I did do the “Ta Da” arms without realizing it. I did it for balance, but it must’ve looked quite amusing.

            This idea is sounding better and better!

            Readers! email me your most, um, creative dismounts and we’ll stick ’em in a post. Can be anonymous or named, just be sure to let me know which you prefer.

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