Honest Scrap Awarding

Being interrupted six thousand times in as many minutes by kids, dog, and my own brain  translates into an ADD equivalent of blog posting. Or I may be making excuses for my natural state, we’ll never know for sure.   Please bear with me while I continue to hand out much deserved awards!

I’d like to award the following blogs for honesty and speaking from the heart.  Alphabetically as follows:  ( I couldn’t rank if I wanted to!)  Check them out, let them know you were there, and enjoy!  I could write paragraphs for each, and I may just do that, as soon as I’m able.  (Kids are suffering through math tutor, and I’ve been shot through with many many eye daggers in the last 30 minutes. )  In the meantime, Kudos to these beautiful blogs, and thank you!

Enlightened Horsemanship Through Touch

Behind The Bit

Girl on a Mountain with a Chicken

Halt Near X

High Mountain Musing

Tacky Tack of the Day (Check out today’s post, it’s beautiful.  One person taking a risk, CAN make a difference.)

The Barb Wire: In the Night Farm

Wendy’s Horse Adventures

If you are an award recipient (and I’ve done this correctly) you can click on the award above to obtain the guidelines.

6 thoughts on “Honest Scrap Awarding

  1. Thank you, thank you! This is a first for me…wanted to say thank you and will pick it up and pass it along soooon! Happy, ecstatic… exhausted, and where did the time go? Have to sleep so brain works tomorrow!

    Thank you, Jane, I am very honored!

    1. I’ve actually had to have the barn *owner* say: “You’re only asking for one hour out of the 24, Jane. It’s okay if they do some work during that hour.” Thank goodness for honest friends!

      *Palm slapping to head*

  2. I have never been given an award before! I am thrilled. I promise I shall try to live up to the honor by continuing to be honest in my writing, even if it means exposing myself as the idiot I am.
    Many thanks to you and also to your kids for their dagger-throwing patience.

    1. *I promise I shall try to live up to the honor by continuing to be honest in my writing, even if it means exposing myself as the idiot I am.*

      Laughing SO hard.

      I am certain this is why I received the award in the first place…I’m an idiot, but an honest and heartfelt one! 😉

      (and no, you are not an idiot!)

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