What Breed of Horse is Fyvie?

There was a lot of interest about Queen Victoria and Fyvie.  I decided to do Jane’s version of impeccable research, and I Googled horse breeds in Scotland.  I spent a whole ten minutes on this, so I expect to receive some sort of scholarly award for the, uh, extreme thoroughness of my research.

(Yup, that’s a disclaimer!)

Fyvie may be a Highland pony, native to Scotland, that ranges from 13 hh to 14.2 hh.  Or he may be an XL Highland pony that may or may not be crossed with Clydesdale.  These crosses were frequently referred to as a Garron or Garran.  The Clydesdale/Highland cross was bred to make a small, tough, draft horse for local farm work.  My possibly incorrect conclusion from surveying several (minimal) sources is the term ‘Highland Pony’ also includes the Garron.

Two of the articles noted Garrons are much despised.  No reasons given.  (Anyone know why?)  Overhearing the word “Garron” in conversation might refer to the breed, or it might be the descriptive  equivalent of the time you called your horse a mule after a particularly bad ride.

The Patron of the Highland Pony Society is the Queen of England.

Therefore my incredibly pretentious and possibly galling conclusion is that Fyvie might indeed be a large version of the Highland Pony.  Given people were generally of shorter stature in the 1800’s, technically Fyvie may be pony-sized.

The photos I found are all under copyright, so I can’t post them, but you can see them here and here.

I want one.  But I want one of nearly every breed, so I’m not sure that counts.

4 thoughts on “What Breed of Horse is Fyvie?

  1. ooh! ooh! Jane!!! M’lady . . . I’m here to HELP. I can assist you towards your Noah’s Ark of the horse world. Let’s see, for sale I’ve got several Trakehners, an Anglo-Trakehner, a QH Appendix and a TB/Haffie scheduled to arrive sometime Oct/Nov (um, a bit of a pasture mistake, that one – SOMEBODY (could be person penning this post . . . ) thought it would be a good idea to let the stallion with his ‘herd’ during the late fall/wintering “non-cycling” months. Stallions.).

    So . . . what address to I ship them to????

    p.s. Happy’s not for sale . . . MUCH to the chagrin of my lovely better half – something about keeping a ‘mutt’ when we’ve got all these Trakehners . . . what does SHE know, eh??

    p.p.s. And . . . . Shaun will be SO HAPPY for you!

    1. uh-oh. I have a huge soft spot for the Appendix QH’s, and I love TB’s and TB X’s. I can just imagine Shaun’s face if I came home hauling everything I wanted!

      (And some of my friend’s faces when they discover their horses have disappeared…)

      I haven’t had a lot of rider experience with warmbloods (though I very nearly swiped Daisy’s filly before she was sold!) I LOVED Lucy.)…probably just as well that I don’t know what I’m missing. 😉 Our kids would never go to college.

  2. My daughter and I decided a long time ago that we want one of every “pony” breed. 🙂

    We have the Shetland covered, but that leaves Welsh, Dales, Highland, Dartmoor, German Riding Pony, and …. hmmm, what’s left? Haflinger.

    My head is spinning! Can you imagine the pony attitude from such a herd? 🙂

  3. I want one too. They are sturdy little buggers and carry adults and they are very dependable and versatile too. There’s not too many farms here selling them,they are mostly in Europe, but I hope that will change.

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