The Royal We

We have kids who are sick, have been sick, and have gotten sick again.  During summer.   When  it is SO NOT FAIR, and 100 degrees outside with no A/C. Our very MEAN moms will not let us go swimming!  SO UNFAIR.

The thing is, it IS unfair.  Not our fault, but unfair nevertheless.

We aren’t at our wits end, but Wit’s End was the last street sign we saw yesterday, before everything went dark.  It’s harder for the kids, who have every reason to BE at wit’s end, with one whole summer month down and still not feeling good.

We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Technically, it is difficult to get to our computer.  We may be erratic (or stupid) in our posting for awhile. We have faith this too will pass.  Sort of.

On other matters:

Hitting the Ignorant American stereotype right on the head, I had no idea that Fyvie was also the name of, um, one of Queen Victoria’s Castles in Scotland.  To see Fyvie,  Balmoral, and find out more information, click here.

Some day I will look before I leap.  I promise.

Many thanks to Kate for providing the info on which prince was in the photo and pointing us to another pic of Prince Edward (see comments on previous post).  I love it when readers dive in and put stuff up for us.  I’d like to say I’m sorry if I came across as short in my response, or unappreciative because the horse was in bad shape.  In trying to be quick, (Mommmm…why CAN’T I check my yahoo account right now??? You’ve been on the computer for FIVE MINUTES.)

I don’t think I adequately separated the two things: 1) Oooo…thanks for the link, and 2) OMGosh wow, look at that poor horse.  It’s not Kate’s fault the horse is in bad shape.  (!)

I believe we can look forward to a post about what kind of horse husbandry knowledge was available in the 19th century.  Thankfully people have cared enough to further that knowledge so we have wormers, tests, floating, and feed for horses that can’t process forage adequately.

Mommmmmm….when are you making us breakfast?  Why are you on the computer?  Can I go on?  Can I watch this PG-98 movie?  Why not?  But you SAID you’d snuggle!

Over and out.  I’m going in.  Cover me.

7 thoughts on “The Royal We

  1. Your post made me think of something my father always said when I was growing up . . . he would say he was “in extremis”. It always made sense to me until someone asked me where extremis was! Now I know, it’s right next to “Wit’s end.” Thanks for clarifying. I hope your kids feel better soon. My kids would kill for 100 degrees and sun. We’ve had nothing but rain all June.

    1. Send ’em over! Mine aren’t contagious anymore, and they are SO bored.

      My condolences on the rain all June. Ugh ugh ugh when you are either the parent or the kid enduring a rainy summer.

      I love the ‘in extremis’. Thanks for a new one that will make them run for the dictionary!

  2. Oh, I’m sorry to hear they’re still in and out from being under the weather…one of mine had to miss two days of hot sunny day pond jumping, but it’s rainy today, and supposed to stay that way all week.

    I’ve had technical difficulty…I can hardly get to my computer due to life…gets in the way of plans sometimes! 🙂

    1. What is UP with this life stuff? It seems to interrupt everything around here. 😉 I’m trying not to cringe at how long it’s been since I’ve been on a horse. (June 13th, not that I’m paying attention or care or anything.)

      There should be a rule: Pathogens Not Allowed From June to September.

      Sorry yours succumbed as well. Hard to miss out on the good days!

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