Top Ten Ways I Know it’s Summer

  1. There are towels draped across all outdoor railings.
  2. The house smells like french toast all the time.
  3. I shower in the dark (Lee Lee has taken to ambushing me in the shower and turning off the light…totally cracks her up to turn the light off  while I’m trying to shower.  Much to my surprise, I find showering in the dark relaxing, and her impish delight cracks ME up.)
  4. The TV seems to be permanently set to unidentifiable high pitched squeaking noises and ear-splitting canned laugh tracks from Spongebob, Suite Life, and Hannah Montana.  Oh.  And WWE wrestling.
  5. I have not set myself on fire once yet.
  6. I’m remembering to ignore the first 4 sentences in response to any question I ask the kids.  (Responses usually start with “Do we HAVE to…or…WHY? That is SO LAME…”)  I’ve found the motto of “Ignore The Four” to be serenity inducing, and cut the arguing time in half.   They’re teens:  arguing is genetically programmed in, they can’t help it.  I, however (note to self…note to self…) am an adult, and I can help it.
  7. There are nine bicycles in the driveway.
  8. Christmas is hiding for the first time in his life.
  9. Despite the fact that opening the fridge could cause a Kilimanjaro level avalanche of food to explode outward, we have no food in the house, what is WRONG with us?!?
  10. My toenails are not pink.  They are radioactive 3 Mile-Island PINK.

I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more as time goes on.

However, I interrupted my invitation writing to talk to y’all, and now I’ve got to get back to the task at hand.   I’m inviting all the sharks I know to come over this weekend. (Daisy, Bella and Lilli:  THIS MEANS YOU.  See you there!  What?  I can’t quite hear you…(fingers in ears singing lalalalalalalalala)…you’ll have to tell me Saturday when you come to the pool.

Oops, nearly forgot the *BYOT’s.

(*bring your own towels)

Any sharks out there want to come chase some kids around the pool?

Tomorrow’s episode: Summer, The Haunting.  Stay tuned!

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