FTF: Making Your Dressage Performance Shine

It’s French Toast Friday!

This episode of FTF brought to you by long suffering horses everywhere, who are eternally grateful there is no such thing as a ‘horse purse’.

To get the best dressage performance of your life: show your horse this video while tsk-tsking, and repeating sadly Those poor horses…they couldn’t make it in the dressage arena.  It’s SUCH a shame, don’t you think?

Bingo.  Your horse will not even blink at the pink crystal browband, and you’ll hit the high 70’s.

Don’t bother showing it to your horse if he happens to be an Arabian. Won’t help.  This is part of their job description: they get the elegant stuff.    (But you could point out the clown outfit.)

4 thoughts on “FTF: Making Your Dressage Performance Shine

  1. Riding in costume is something I must do someday! Thanks for posting and inspiring me…hey, why are my horses way out in the field ignoring me? 🙂 That’s okay, there’s always tomorrow.

    1. Good luck catching them, you didn’t let them see did you??

      Costumes are great way to have fun and sack out at the same time. I couldn’t believe the pony who allowed him/herself to be turned into a pinata. It’s my favorite.

      Uh-oh. I think I feel a costume contest coming on at the barn…

  2. good deal… i’ll have to email a copy to my arabian down in the barn 🙂 Gazi.. who’s soaked right now from the rains here .. ugh


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