Foals: Looking at the Future Horse

It takes  a very special, and in my opinion, gifted person to be able to look at a foal and see the horse they have the potential to become.  A look at the pedigree helps, but the live baby in front of you is the blueprint.

Daisy and I were looking at photos of Barbie as a baby.  I knew her as an older yearling, not as young as she is in the first photo.  I marvel at how Daisy could SEE ahead to the outcome.  Take a look at the mug shots pageant photos!

From baby Yeti…

Barbie the baby yeti

A hint of how she’ll move.

Barbie yearling trotting

To yearling:

Barbie as a yearling

To adult four year old mare.

Barbie at 4

10 thoughts on “Foals: Looking at the Future Horse

  1. Luckily, I’ve been through this once before… which is how my older horse got the nick name Geoffrey the Giraffe. I will just have to trust that my filly’s neck and head will not always be the same length. Barbie is absolutely lovely, on the other hand, and I am very glad we live on opposite ends of the country and I won’t have to compete against her and Daisy! 🙂

    1. Oh lord the teenage years….
      I know a colt who was SO gorgeous, he hit a growth spurt and all of us were hiding our eyes until his front end caught up again (whew) with his rear, which was 3 inches higher than his withers. It did though. AHHHHHHH. Parenting.

  2. Great post… gave me some perspective. I have this lovely little warmblood filly who is going through an … awkward … stage at the moment. Her head appears to belong on a two-year-old. Last night, on the eve of her first birthday, I was questioning whether she will grow into the beauty I sometimes see glimpses of. The baby yeti gives me hope!

    1. I’ve heard long time horse breeders comment there’s a couple of ages developmentally where you can see how the horse will mature. I remember one of them being “yearling” which looks true enough here, but *where* exactly in “yearling” that is, anyone care to enlighten us?

      The awkward stages are fingernail biting…will that rear end really stay 6″ taller than his shoulders???

      (it didn’t! But scary 6 months) 😉

    1. Daisy is going to have one heck of a nice hunter. I think is the goal eventually is 3’6″, is that right Daisy? Barbie goes well under saddle and will seek out a free jump for play. Still has a little more growing to do!

  3. She’s beautiful!
    When we breed our mares, certainly there is considerable evaluation of selecting stallions, but it’s still a bit of a crapshoot. Club foot, long back, short neck . . . could be a gazillion (well, at least a zillion) combinations. Our first concern is a healthy foal, we’ll work on it from there.
    Folks talk of the 3-day, 3-month, 3-year method to evaluate what a horse might look like in the future . . . I dunno, maybe . . . and at that point it’s pretty moot – we’re not stuffing them back in.

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