Happy Birthday Floyd!

Okay everyone, clear your throats.  Do a couple of  mi mi mi mi’s, and on the count of three….

Happy Birthday to you…

Happy Birthday to youuuu..

Happy BIRTHday dear  Floyyyyd…. (why is that high note always so hard to hit?)

Happy Birthday to yooooooouuuuu…..

Floyd turned 78 yesterday, and continues to ride as he always has.

floyd running on blaze

Floyd, I want to thank you for sharing your life experiences with us through Gin at High Mountain Horse. Readers, check out Gin’s wonderful interviews with Floyd herehere, and here.   I’m always looking forward to the next installment.

It is a treasure when someone shares their stories with you.  To be able to listen to how parts of a life felt, what it was like when that life has spanned huge changes in technology and history…and to have it include horses, well, it’s a gift.

It might be your birthday Floyd, but I think we’re the ones who received the gifts.

Many thanks to Gin, for presenting the gifts for us to pick up!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Floyd!

  1. Jane, I was really surprised and pleased to get the birthday greeting. It is so nice to know you are enjoying my stories. And I enjoy telling them to Gin as she does a great job and they are my exact words, poor English and all.
    Thank you..Floyd

    1. I didn’t notice any poor English? If it is there, it obviously doesn’t matter, because what shines through is a sense of who you are, and where you’ve been, thoroughly enjoyable!

  2. Jane, this is so nice of you. I sent the link to Floyd so he’ll have a real nice surprise when he sees this! Got him scheduled for another “interview” this evening, so another Floyd Story coming up tomorrow…
    Thanks again, Jane!

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