Virtual Vacation

This episode of Virtual Vacation brought to you by:

Last Minute Trip Panic Incorporated

Please hold. Blogging equivalent of Muzak to follow


Milestone graduation for the kids and treat vacation trip.  In our house, this means three people standing around (hours before departure) yelling I can’t find my… {fill in blank}.

I’m the official I Can Find It person.  It’s my job.  Oddly, I don’t mind this at all.  I can pretty much find anything.  Me and St. Anthony are tight.  Of course, in this house, it’s pretty easy.

Mommmmm…I can’t find those pants!!

Easy. I know which pants Those Pants are, and find them in her pillowcase.

Honey, I can’t find my favorite T-shirt, the brown one with the stuff on it?  It’s totally gone!

Easy.  In her T-shirt drawer, under the blue T-shirt

Mommmmmm…I LOOKED.  I can’t find my DVD player ANYwhere.  I think someone stole it.

Slightly harder.  Turns up in the file cabinet.

Read up on Chaos Theory (so you can explain it to me) while I post some eye muzak for us all!  All photos of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Tualome Meadows

Hetch Hetchy Resevoir

rock puzzle 8000+ feet

Tenaya Canyon

Interesting note: there is no dirt at this height.  You’re looking at sheer rock.  Yup, the trees grow up out of the rock.  Cool, huh?

2 thoughts on “Virtual Vacation

  1. Yup…me too. I find myself asking them, “How should I know where you put your *fill in the blank*, did you try *this place*?” And when they find it there, it only confirms that they should ask me. Lovely photos.

  2. That’s funny. I’m the find it person in my household, too. It’s amazing where they stash stuff.

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