Serious Sweepings

Tidy Bin #1: email bag

Sob.  My first “I’m unhappy with you Jane” email has arrived.

French Toast Friday’s Shrink Wrapped post hurt a valued reader’s feelings.  Completely not the objective of that post.   I do not want to hurt your feelings.  I’m sorry that happened.

Let me be very clear: I believe in the value of psychiatry and therapy.

  • I don’t find it funny or amusing to poke fun at any of us who utilize those tools.
  • I do find it funny to listen to people poke fun at themselves and their situations.

If this had been a desperately serious conversation I would not even have  thought of eavesdropping or commenting.  Perhaps I didn’t do a good job in relaying how much deadpan humor there was between these two women.  They were laughing at themselves, and I seriously doubt they spent every visit lying to their respective psychiatrists.

This is where the “I make stuff up” part comes in (see About).  Do Daisy and I really go to Starbucks with the intent to listen in on conversations?  No.  Does it happen sometimes?  Yes.  Will you ever see a post up here parading someones pain?  Not unless The Literary Horse gets hacked .

Humor + Public Place + Loud Talk & Laughing…now that might make it here.

Does this help clarify?

Tidy Bin #2: teacher saw you pass the note

While we’re on the subject of serious sweeping up,  WordPress has a neato thingie that shows me which search engine words landed you at TLH.

Ahem.  Will you guys who are teasing the heck out of Brandon Beers please knock it off?  I don’t know him.  I found (through the blog) that I do know someone who does.  He’s not gay.  You know that.  Stop typing in “brandon beers” and “gay” into the search engine so you can (presumably) laugh at him showing up on a horse blog written by someone who is gay.

Brandon & Jade, you’re up here because I admired your roping skill.    Sorry you have friends like that.

Very sorry that being gay is something people use to put other people down.

Tidy Bin #3: still married

Happily, we were still married when I woke up last Tuesday morning.  Unhappily, a future couple falling head over heels in love will never wake up married.  (In California.) How much of marriage is really about (give it 20 years or so if you’re in the first 5 years of marriage) what kind of person you’re attracted to, and how much is about creating a life together?  Marriage is about love, attraction, family, and work.  Lots and lots of work.

If in doubt, talk to your grandparents.  I bet they know more about love and street fighting than you think.

We will return to our regular programming shortly.  I hope.  Soon.  With humor!

2 thoughts on “Serious Sweepings

  1. Jane,

    I have been following your blog for a few weeks now (found you in a roundabout way… a friend told me about German Horse Muffins, I bought them, my horse fell into a lip-smacking daze, I googled them, found behindthebit’s blog entry about them, found you). Anyway, I have really been enjoying your blog and laughing hysterically at some of your prior posts (Daisy’s lock out — hilarious!). I was actually on a conference call and had to hit the mute button because I was outright snorting with laughter when I read your FTF post on Friday. While I thought it was very funny, I can see now how someone might take offense, I am really touched by your apology to that reader. I like you and your blog even more now! Anyway, thanks for creating this great blog. I’m a big fan!

    1. Marissa, I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I appreciate your comment/feedback. Makes me little-kid happy. Thanks! I am indebted to the reader who wrote, (kindly, I must say) that it pushed the envelope. I want this blog to be a thoughtful, funny, but safe place.

      I ran Shrink Wrapped by a couple of therapist friends before posting, and the consensus was “run it, it’s real”. (Turns out they often feel that way about certain shrinks too!) I don’t think any of us were in “how will this feel to someone who is hurting and working hard” mode. We were stuck in black humor mode. So it’s good someone felt safe enough contact me and say HEY….OW.

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