A Little Sunshine…

I’m having one of those days, so I thought I’d share Sunshine with you, and a couple of places I’d really like to be right now.


This is Sunshine, right before he retired.  In his winter coat finery.   (I know.  I’m slouching.  The turnout sucks, but I wasn’t expecting a camera.)  Anyone else remember those brow bands?

Where I’d like to be right now:

Hills and Sculpture

Or how about Yosemite?   Half Dome below, followed up by unnamed rock wall I shot while standing in the middle of the Merced River.  We could be standing here in five hours.

Half Dome

Standing in the Merced River

Excuse me.

I’m having a mom mini-vacation moment.  We will return to our regular programming shortly.

4 thoughts on “A Little Sunshine…

  1. Sunshine is sweet, and I can almost see him thinking. Did you notice the crisp shadow of the two of you on the arena floor? Very nice composition, that.

    Vacation….vacation….hmmm, I think I remember something about not having to do chores, and waiters bringing me drinks by a cement pond. Sigh. Well, I’ll have to take a few minutes off work tomorrow and sit by my pond with a ginger ale. Mini vacation here I come! Thanks for the reminder.

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