FTF: Does Your Horse Bunny Hop Over Fences?

It’s French Toast Friday!

Our Royal Queen of the House Rabbits, Chloe, would be proud.  Maybe.  She prefers riding on the head of the vacuum cleaner after scolding it profusely.

Meet Lilac, and her owners Matthew and Thomas Haslam.  Story from the Mail Online.

Lilac going UPLilac’s approach was flawless, her take-off in a perfect bascule…

Lilac  in flightLook at that tuck!  You can’t even SEE her knees…

Lilac going for touch downPerfect clearance!  Nice form, Lilac.

Matthew and Thomas HaslamProud Owner/Trainers, Matthew and Thomas Haslam, with a few from their stable.  Wait till you see Bubbles over a fence.  Unbelievable.

It’s a great article, as well as being fun.  Check it out!

8 thoughts on “FTF: Does Your Horse Bunny Hop Over Fences?

  1. We tried to teach our bunny to do that. I guess she’s a dressage bunny or a reining bunny or something else because she was not interested in being a show jumping bunny.

    Cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. Spaghetti with meat sauce and parmesan cheese for FTF.

    The bunnies are soooo cute. I’m with the person who posted on the Daily Mail that it’s good to see the boys doing something pro-active, real, and with animals.

    I wonder if I can train my chicken to jump…?

    1. Yum! We haven’t decided dinner yet. Love that you shared. Thinking…chocolate? Maybe with a little chocolate on the side and a chocolate chaser? Now where did I get that idea? Oh I know, it was from Wendy’s last post! (readers, go if you dare)

      Train your chicken to jump, what a great idea – or maybe pole bending? Hey, once you do, send it on over for FTF and we’ll post it! 😉

    1. THANK YOU for posting the link, very thoughtful! Amazing…some of those jumps look six times the height of the rabbit.

      I had no idea it was an organized sport. I’ll have to do more thorough research next time. Going to look up Extreme Turtle Sports now…

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