Public Service Announcement

It’s official.  The sky is falling.  Jane has a cold.  Unusually, no one else does – but we all know how long THAT will last – so she can’t blame it on the kids (dang).  I confess.  Jane is not above using a little guilt and drama to get the prime spot on the couch, and complete control of the now cootie-fied clicker.

There is power in having cooties.  It’s a reverse Midas touch.  Instead of everything turning to gold, everything turns to Germs…Ewwwwww! Whatever you touch is yours, in a lovely no-one-else-will-bother-you sort of way.

I’ll get the kids to hum some Muzak for the blog, so you won’t have to wait in radio silence, since I’m not allowed to touch the keybo….


You may be hearing from me after all.

I wonder how long it would take me to clean each key?  Let me rephrase that.

I wonder how long it will take the kids to clean each key with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol?

Absolute Cootie Power…will it corrupt Jane Absolutely?  Stay tuned…

10 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

    1. Thanks Kim,
      Now that there are cooties all over it, I’m kinda hoping it will stay cootiefied (it’s my evil plan). But if not, there’s what we call “Mom Boot Camp”: kids are handed cleaning supplies and instructions.

      It’s surprising how much good-kid mileage you can get out of Mom Boot Camp threats.

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