Sunday at the Beach

Our mini vacation.  A sudden 95 degrees, so we packed up the family and went to the ocean, the most remote beach we could find that was easily accessible. (Because everyone else within a 100 mile radius had the same idea.)

No horses, but thought you might like a vicarious beach day!

3 thoughts on “Sunday at the Beach

  1. Great photos – I love the rock formations, and the purple and green hillside – I once wore those colors together, and it just doesn’t look so good on people.

    btw – I kept dropping in this week to read your posts and found myself smiling each time. Thanks for the lift. 🙂

    1. Hey, I’d wear purple and green. Until someone caught me.

      I saw the photos and thought, “Right. Way to go Jane, only you would wear olive green, sky blue, and bright yellow TOGETHER when you know a camera is nearby.”

      What was I thinking? 😉

      Next time I’ll get Lee Lee to pick the outfit. It might be a vision in pink, but at least I’ll match. Except for the yellow hat. It’s my *happy* hat. Yellow hat stays!

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