The Literary Horse is Shedding

It’s spring.  It’s a blog about horses.  Stuff is falling off of it.  Conclusion: it must be shedding out.

(I’m really good at putting two and two together.  Just don’t make me add it up.)

Time for a little spring cleaning and reorganizing.   While “Ask Daisy” is one of the most popular pages, y’all are shy about actually asking Daisy, so we’re going to put her in a semi-annual column instead of a page.  You’ll see a few changes like that.

My brain is shedding as well, so if a link to your blog was one of the things that fell off, let me know, I want it back…I just can’t remember exactly which one it was!  I’ll figure it out eventually, but this is your chance to help a doddering old lady cross the virtual street and get Brownie Points.

Why Jane, you’re not doddering or old!  What would make you say that?!

I’m so glad you asked.

An acquaintance of mine asked me to join a discussion group for older women...called “The Silver Foxes Golden Years”.

I think.

I couldn’t quite make out her last few words over the screaming..because I was beating the crap out of her with my cane.  Okay. I resisted beating her with my cane.  At least, I think I did.  Hard to tell since my Silver Memory is going.

But I did ‘accidentally’ ran over her foot a couple of times with my walker.  Not satisfying, but legal.

Silver.  Ha.

We’re horsewomen.  We’re made out of Tungsten.  Scratch proof, with enough tensile strength to build bridges and bullets out of, and can leap (with horse aid) tall obstacles in a single bound.

I’ll tell her to get back to me when she’s rounded up a group of Tungsten Foxes…

3 thoughts on “The Literary Horse is Shedding

  1. LOL – that reminds me of a local horsemasters’ group who has a mini-event called “Fossils Over Fences,” which I declined to participate in because I detest the name and implication that I am a fossil!

    I did say that if they ever saw fit to change the name to “Goddesses Over Fences” or something like, I might reconsider. 🙂

    1. I’m liking the ‘Goddesses Over Fences’! If they insist it doesn’t sound just right, tell them they have to switch to jumping brush. Then you can call it ‘Goddesses Over Greenery”.

    2. Fossils Over Fences: what a great name!

      My greatest mentors are some pretty fierce horsewomen over 65. They play polo, fox hunt, ride equine search and rescue, and show my that my brain and body don’t necessarily have to melt away as I grow older.

      May we all grow up to become Fossils like this.

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