Horses in World War One

It’s Serendipity.

Halt Near X wrote an interesting post on horses in war.   I have been holding these photos of horses in WWI, waiting to post them. Nice. Check out her article.

German Veterinarians, WWI 1915

We’re happy about the advancement of veterinary medicine…GAH.  1915: German soldiers treating a wounded horse.

Charge of the Algerian Dragoons on the Belgian front 1915

1915: This was listed as the Charge of the Algerian Dragoons on the Belgium Front.  Looks like the ocean back there to me.

I’ve read that these charges were frequently staged for the camera before the actual fighting; presumably to get documentation without risking the cameraman or the possibility of photographing live action (someone being killed).  This would be consistant with the sensibilities of the times.

Belgium Refugees fleeing to Holland 1914

This last photo was taken in 1914, and is listed as refugees fleeing from Belgium to Holland.  I find their expressions haunting.

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