Movie Night for the Herd

Pop the corn in your horse’s feed, slather on the molasses, and set the bucket in front of your screen. It’s time for the horses to see the films THEY would make. Stay if you dare…

Up first: Action/Adventure flick, The Evil Horse Fly

Next: Outtakes from your horse’s favorite actor…

Stand Up Comedy:
I thought the cow had it hand’s down in this one, but then, what do I know about horse stand up comedy? (What the heck is a ricochet biscuit?)

Real Life Documentary: we’ll finish up with the sentimental favorite of all horses: Patches, the horse with his own bedroom and chauffeur.  Yes, you and your horse have seen it a thousand times already.  But you know it’s gonna make him happy. Just like every child dreams of her own barn…horses dream of their own bedrooms, decorated with little girls holding carrots…

I posted Patches for the horses – cringing – but posted.  For those of you living outside the US, please know that we, uh, don’t all load our horses into the convertible for a trip to the drive-through.  Or feed him (double cringe) hamburger.  (Unless he’s a cow horse, an understandable exception.)

And y’all know not to give your horses anything carbonated, RIGHT?  No matter what is in the hick video?

This concludes our programming for the evening.  We hope you enjoyed the show.

2 thoughts on “Movie Night for the Herd

    1. Excellent! Thank you so much for the link, now I get it…makes it much funnier. I loved the Blue Brothers.

      Uh-oh. I feel a burning desire to grab a handful of horse cookies and see which horse can catch them on the fly. I’m placing my bets on Tiny.

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