Detailing the Transportation: circa 1916


Since we were on the subject of justifying horses as transport and getting rid of U.S. dependence on foreign oil (oops…did I say that out loud?) I thought I’d include a helpful visual for spouses on exactly how the ‘horse-car wash’ would work.

Photo is from 1916, and I left the original German attached:  if you hover your mouse over the photo ( have to click on the photo, and the German will be underneath on a new page…ah the trials of learning to blog.), and can speak German, we’d love to know what it says.

(My guess is this is less about achieving clean horses, and more about treating a pestilence of some sort.  Poor horse doesn’t look in very good condition.  Could use a couple hundred pounds of meat on his bones…)

2 thoughts on “Detailing the Transportation: circa 1916

  1. Been chuckling at seeing these posts. Wish I could share one more photo with you. We live just this side of the Divide. Beside our ranch was the old stage station route bringing mail and supplies from the “big” town of Del Norte to the new mining town of Silverton (this is Colorado I’m talking about, sorry). So, they finally think a real road for them there new motor vehicles is the way to go. And they have a race building the road, and seeing who can get the first automobile up and over the Divide into Silverton. Sure enough, that first automobile was pulled by a team of white horses to make it over the top. But the automobile is the one who made history that day.

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