Spring Break

Nope.  I’m definitely not coming up for air this week.  Micah twisted his ankle in a game of pickup basketball, and Lee Lee has an ear infection. Translation:  “Mommmmmmmm….would you bring me (the clicker I dropped next to my elbow, water, ice cream, pillows, ice, heat, the phone, my cell, the kids next door?)”  I may get some fitness points out of this.  If I can stay away from the double stuffed oreos, which is highly doubtful.

Picture 7 boys (and one girl) sprawled across every piece of furniture in front of the TV watching the Michigan State basketball game.  Something about the final four?  Final four WHAT?  All I know is it involved a lot of cheering, booing, and trips to the microwave for more popcorn.

The Christmas Present was busily vacuuming up whatever was dropped/thrown.  I believe I am now supposed to hate the University of South Carolina.  (Sorry USC, but if my kids hate you, I hate you too.  It seems to be a parenting rule.)

If you like the Spouse-tionary, head over to Manely Musing and check out this very funny post of definitions!   Rats, why didn’t I think of these?

Go forth and play, but think of me slaving away over batch after batch of french toast, nachos, and laundry.  There must be some law of physics about the amount of laundry produced compared to the amount of  teen age laying around done.  It’s inversely proportionate.  The more they lay around the more laundry there is.  Given, of course, that I can find the laundry, since Christmas has taken to “shopping” in the laundry baskets for interesting items to “bury”.

I found an entire shirt under a sofa cushion yesterday.   I have to give Christmas a 10 on the degree of difficulty.  How did he do that with TWO kids laying on the couch all day??

4 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. sounds like a day at the inn when we have a full house of guests … tho kids usually are way more obstreperous 🙂 sounds like you’ll need a good ride after that!!! 🙂 Too bad u dont live closer

    gp in mt

    1. I have to admit, it IS a great life. 😉 Christmas, tiring of his laundry hiding duties, is sprawled out across the bed, and every other prone-able surface is covered in children.

      And yes, GP, I AM going to need a good ride! Fortunately next week I’ve got a string lined up, since many owners will be away next week on spring break. Three horses a day works for me!

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