Bull Riding, The Video. See Jane Ride. Ride Jane Ride!

I was able to get the video sorted out through some trial software (thus the logo on my stomach).  If you’ve never been on a mechanical bull, trust me, it’s a lot worse up there than it looks.

Relaxing into a dressage balance seat does not help.  Should your kids trick you, remember this, and  Hang The Heck ON.  Hellllooooooooo….BULL RIDING. (If you listen closely, you can hear the kids screaming faster, faster in the background.  Nice.)

Feel free to laugh. Hysterically.

To see how it should be done:  here’s the dude with the Guinness World Record Title.   Completely shows me up. Sheesh. Rude rude rude.   As Micah would say, “He like totally OWNED you mom.”

After watching the pro…I’m thinking I mighta hit level 5, those last few seconds.  (It’s worth lying to myself over, especially since I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN. )

6 thoughts on “Bull Riding, The Video. See Jane Ride. Ride Jane Ride!

  1. I enjoyed the videos – Thanks for posting. I watched them with my kids – we totally cheered you on or uh, off as it were. 🙂

    I think I’ll take your word on it (that it’s worse than it looks) and pass if I ever get offered a try, well, that will be my intention.

  2. Hey! You did great. I’m sure I wouldn’t have lasted as long as you. It looks like fun (kind of) and I’d like to try it. But I would never let anyone video me.

    Can I put you on my channel?

    1. LOL, feel free to put me on EITV. 😉 If only I’d worn my tiara to the fair that day…

      I was lucky they started slow…it did turn into a boil the frog kind of thing…I had a chance to get a teensy amount of body memory. If they’d started me out like a real bull ride I would have been off like a shot.

      Really different than horses bucking…in a BIG way. You have a clue with horses: little muscle movements may let you know. i.e. if the right hip drops slightly on a bucking horse, you know a) you could be in for a spin to the right or b) they may be getting ready to buck twisted to the right, kicking out left.

      This…no way to know what was coming. And it was weighted SO differently than horses. Holy, well, COW!

  3. I thought riding a mechanical bull would be easy. After all, I can ride the buck out of a horse and they aren’t attached to the ground.

    So wrong.

    I did NOT have an 8 second ride.

    And to add insult to injury, the bull swung around right as I was getting up and knocked me over again.

    Nice form.

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