Metropolitan Mounted Police (England)

This is Sacked Out on steroids.  Whoa.

Spoiler note below, don’t read it if you can easily watch to 5 minutes!

Note for people with short attention spans who can jump bigger jumps: watch past 4:45 and ask yourselves the following:  can I jump those jumps 3 across?  Going between two horses jumping the opposite direction?  Through FIRE?  How about jumping while removing your buttoned up jacket?  And then putting it back on?  How about jumping while removing your SADDLE?  After removing the reins?  I won’t even tell ya about the grand finale jump.

Budget cuts are forcing the city of Boston (Massachusetts) to eliminate their mounted police force.  Article from U.S.  National Public Radio here.   Petition you can sign to (hopefully) save the mounted police here.

Though where the money is going to come from, fill in the blank.  Any ideas?

While some people think mounted police are outdated…that was one heck of a packed stadium.  Do you remember petting your first police horse? Anything that gives kids and adults the warm fuzzies around the police is worth looking a little deeper into the budget for, in my opinion.

Mounted police do MUCH more than create a positive link between the public and the police force.  But wouldn’t having mounted police be a no-brainer, gold standard for public relations?  Just a thought to Boston city officials: maybe mounted police don’t seem as necessary because they’ve prevented more than you know?

3 thoughts on “Metropolitan Mounted Police (England)

    1. 15 times and I still can’t figure it out! The irons also…how did they get them off? I leave my clips open for extra safety, and I still have to wiggle-waggle them off when I clean. Maybe a special quick release on the girth? Somehow they set aside the girth and the pad…I noticed they only had the saddles.

      Hey! Now we have two videos as visual aids to prove why we need more lessons! We’re still using saddles and bridles (Stacey Westfall) AND we haven’t learned how to remove them while cantering. Yet.

  1. Mounted police are not merely figureheads and PR machines, as you said. Crowd control, riot police, peacekeepers, they do a lot. Nothing makes people behave like a 1000 pound animal in their faces.

    More cities need mounted patrols. Not fewer. How sad that this is something being cut. Though if it comes down to a choice between teachers and horses, I can see how it might be easy to make the decision. I have a feeling it might be a choice between lining the pockets of former AIG morons and horses, though, and that burns me.

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