Look Forward to Ground Poles, or Your Money Back

Today’s post is guaranteed to make you feel good about trotting over ground poles, or you will receive a full refund within 30 days.  Today we go to France.  Given my high school French translation is correct, the video below is of the Puissance world record high jump.

The World Record high jump is 2.4 meters high.

I converted this to the U.S. Dark Ages measurements of feet and inches. Are you sitting down? Yes, even you Grand Prix jumpers. Sit! That’s…

13 feet, 9 inches high, plus change

Idiot Alert: that’s just under uh, EIGHT feet high.  Still huge.  Thanks, Ian. One must not blindly trust internet conversion charts.

Most ceilings are about 8′ from the floor.  Do you really want to clear that on top of a horse?

To think I was hating my trainer for raising the trot ground poles to 6″. My horse might bang a leg! (Translation: I will probably screw up trotting over them, now that they’re SO HIGH and bungle the whole shebang.) No wonder the rest of the world refers to us as “Dressage Queens” behind our backs.

You know, I love Dressage. I’m feeling awfully good about trotting over those 6″ ground poles.   Ground poles, schmound poles.  Piece of cake.

Now where is that tiara?  I think it needs a good polish.

13 thoughts on “Look Forward to Ground Poles, or Your Money Back

  1. by the time I was old enough to understand, he had pretty much given all that up to work as an architect/builder. but my family still breeds race horses. an industry which I have a certain amount of difficulty with but is nonetheless compelling. One of my aunt Nellie Cox’s horses, Showing Up, came in 6th at the Kentucky Derby in ’06.

  2. Apparel only helmets are insane. INSANE. Lots of old-time foxhunters wear them “huntcaps.” Loony.
    My father was a puissance jumper, and I get a little of my risk-taking genetics from him, but not the lunacy. I don’t even hunt first flight because jumping a fence (roughly 4′ high) or line of shrubbery seems like a crazy thing to do. No way. I know some of the horses like it. I deliberately choose Dobbins who wouldn’t think of it. That way, there’s no argument.

  3. What amazes me is that the horses actually try to jump something that towers over them to that extent. I can’t imagine sitting on a horse that thinks it’s possible to jump something they can’t see over! Note that all those riders were wearing “apparel only” helmets. I’d want a parachute AND and approved helmet!

    1. The apparel-only helmet thing is crazy. Yesterday I went with Daisy to watch her friend Susan’s training session (jumpers)…Susan is showing in Pebble Beach next weekend. I about fainted when her trainer raised the jumps to 4′. A 4′ In and Out is HUGE. And the turn coming into it was no picnic. I couldn’t breathe.

      Her horse was thrilled, clearly he relished the bigger jumps and thinking involved. They sailed over them with an energy he hadn’t shown previously. I thought about this video…the solid wall a horse can’t see over, and the rider with no chin strap on his helmet. We were only 10′ from the standard, and when they went in the air, I got a sense of just how high a 4′ jump really is. I think I’d want a parachute, crane, and firemen with an air pillow on the other side. As well as body armor and the best helmet money can buy.

  4. If all else fails, you could use those stick-on jewels to create a tiara on your helmet. I have actually used them, because, like you, I am a princess. But I am Princess Crash, and I often lose a diamond or two when I collect mud and dirt and gravel in my helmet and open mouth.
    Don’t do the Dressage Page thing, because I have a funny feeling you would not look good with the Little Lord Fauntleroy haircut.

    1. Thank you for the good wishes!
      One look at that video and I thought, okay wimp, you can do the cavalettis. I’m afraid I’ve not done a very good job at them, but I get the point…or I should say, I feel the point. Lift! Rhythm! Be quiet up there!
      LOL, I have a tiara a friend gave me as a princess joke…let’s see if it fits on the helmet. Maybe get a picture of a dressage queen wanna be. Heck I’d settle for dressage lady in waiting. Or Page!

  5. I am awed that any rider could stick the landing over that jump. The lack of available oxygen at that altitude…then being dumbstruck by seeing angels, then evil gravity yanking you back down? AHHHHHHH.

    Dressage (in my case) = groan groan groan…Pilates. I hate exercise. Unless it comes in a four hoof package and frisks you for carrots. It’s seems so unfair to torture oneself with Pilates and then still suck at training level.

  6. 0_O
    The brick wall.

    I just looked at my cieling and felt a little woozy. I thought I had big ones for clearing 4′.

    And major props for doing dressage. My muscles wimp out.

    1. Uh-oh. I went to a metric conversion page on the internet. I must of bungled that somehow. Um how about…it looked 14 feet tall to me? (I am NOT a jumper. 6″ looks like 6′ to me.) Thank you for immediately setting the record straight. Why oh why do I not triple check these things -on another site? I did it twice and came up with the same answer. Going to fix the post now…oh the shame.

      BTW, I’m a serious addict of your blog. 🙂 Love it.

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