Happy Birthday Barbie

Happy Birthday to youuuu....happy birthday to youuuuu....

My niece, Barbie, is four years old today.  She’s become a woman.   Full grown.  No baby fuzz, no baby belly, no whacked out conformation from growth spurts.  Her knees will close soon.  Sob.  They grow so fast.  Yesterday she was still a baby, today she’s a full grown mare.  Cherish the moments.

Like when you  throw the blanket on her, how she helpfully reaches around the far side and snags it with her teeth so it keeps throwing, right on over her and into the mud on the other side.  Adorable.

The quirk she has about dismantling the automatic waterer.  Such inquisitive energy!  I mean really, how much does replacing a dozen or so automatic waterers cost…when you consider the memories she was creating?  It’s only one a month, right?

She is awfully cute with a lead rope in her mouth.  We must admit that is charming!

Here she is at 3, because a certain Auntie hasn’t  gotten over there for a photo shoot!

Barbie as a 3yo

photo by Jane

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