Sneezing Sunday

Since I’m able to be vertical for only short periods of time, I thought I’d point you to a place of interest this morning, and insert some flotsam.   (Jetsam to follow soon, I’m sure.)

For a good laugh, go see this  fun video that Kim at Enlightened Horsemanship has found.

Since we were just talking about Arabians, I thought I’d post this:

What Arabians used to look like...(the horse, people, the HORSE)

Photo by Joseph Hawkes, from The Brooklyn Museum.

Labeled as circa 1900, Egypt, Cairo, and Arabian horse. Hard to see much of a dish on that face, but if you look closely, it’s there.  Since the reins are being held lightly, my guess is the horse is playing with the bit.

Generalizing on then/now confirmation changes from one photograph (awkwardly positioned at that) is irresponsible, so I won’t do it. (Though being irresponsible, I really really want to.)

I found one more fire engine…couldn’t help but wonder exactly how much help the smallish water tank would really help in a fire, but it occurred to me this little two-wheeler might be a first responder, easier to zip over in this, while the big backup engine was getting hooked up?

Fire Engine, first responder?

Photo from The Powerhouse Museum

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