The Plague has Decendeth…

Locust Swarm

Behold: it came to be that a virus was visited upon The House of Jane.  They could labor not, having been smote  (smitten?  smited?) to the ground.  Begotten in the distant sands of daycare, it  passeth through the generations in a swath of tissues, leaving a trail of cough medicine and tears.

And so it was.  Stevie, returning on the road to daycare, passeth it to Miriam and William, who passeth it to Lee-Lee, who passeth it to Micah and Aunts Josie and Lolly, whereupon it has spread like a plague of locusts throughout the land.  First unto Shaun, and lastly unto Jane, who has risen (temporarily) from the dead that you may be warned of the peril, and yet prosper.

Verily I say unto you: buy stock unto Kleenex while the Dow is  still Tanketh, and you will see your fields grow tenfold, while toiling not.

I think it’ll be a few days before I’m up and staggering…not sure when the delerium will abate!

3 thoughts on “The Plague has Decendeth…

  1. Thank you, lovely to receive a get well message!

    I’ve taken pen and notebook to the disastrously overflowing nightstand, in the event I am struck with an actual post idea (generated by the lone brain cell still intermittently firing, bless it).

    I’m afraid all I’ve got so far is an interesting Rorschach painting done in cough syrup, OJ, and tea mug rings. Though the dog did thoughtfully leave an abstract trail of ice cream foot prints over the canvas.

    (And the comforter. And the floor. And the rug….)

    Merry Maids…Where Are You????? Help!

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