Fire Engine Horses, NYC

Happy 103rd Birthday to Liz’s grandfather.  103 years is a huge span of change to witness.  In his honor, since he remembers horse-drawn fire engines, I thought I’d post some photos of fire-horses in New York City.


A nice time off...
A nice time off...

As an aside, I’ve been looking through a lot of old photos of horses…these are, without a doubt, the most beautifully cared for of the lot.

In many of the old photos, it’s clear the horse is a possession being used hard with a minimum of care.  I find this stunning, given the reliance people had on their horses for daily needs.  Wouldn’t basic upkeep still be cheaper than replacing the horse?

4 thoughts on “Fire Engine Horses, NYC

  1. We know they have a dog. A NYC fire department without a dog? No way. I say the dog has snuck off behind what I assume is the shiny new fire engine parked at the curb, and is quietly showing his disrespect on a tire…

    (BTW, magnifying glasses and computer screens…not a good mix…frantically searching for the Dramamine.)

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