A Trip to California Wine Country…”but honey, it’s for a really good cause!”

Update:  Click here to see a list of what will be at the sale!

I’m pinning this to the top of the page until after the sale. To read new entries, scroll down past this post. Hoofbeats is still looking for (tax deductible!) tack donations, it’s not too late!  ~Jane

You can have a win-win vacation in March.

Hilary and the Carrot Patch Girls

If you are anywhere near California, and need would like to placate give your spouse  a non-horsey romantic weekend, you can sneakily reach nirvana and combine a fabulous romantic weekend for two with bargain shopping for your horse, and contributing to a very special cause.

Hoof Beats of America is having a benefit used tack sale practically on top of two gorgeous wine country valleys: Sonoma and Napa.  Here’s the info if you would like to shop, volunteer, or donate.  I know they would love your tack donations.  Did I mention donations are tax deductible?

I’ve met Hilary and watched her work.  She’s the real deal, and so is her program: horse rescue and work with at-risk youth.  Read more about the Hoof Beats Program.

To donate equipment*, call (707) 774-2645

Used Tack Sale to benefit:

Hoof Beats of America

Saturday March 7th 9am-4pm,

at Rivertown Feed, 1st and D street

in Petaluma, CA 94952

* They will take all things horse-useable: those bright orange polos, that brand new english pad that didn’t fit your horse, that roping saddle you won but secretly hate…you can clean out the tack room AND feel awfully good about yourself!

One caveat, (from me, not them): be kind and only donate stuff in good enough shape that you’d purchase it yourself.

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