Use Your Helmet Not Your Brain

Just one more.

Then we’ll get back to being (hopefully) funny.   I have to credit my dressage riding friend Lillian with opening up my awareness to how our choices affect other people.  I always wore a helmet because I didn’t want MY head cracked.

One day, Daisy, Lillian and I (among other people) were exhausted after our entire’s barns efforts to get  Gus safely to the emergency room.  Again.

Gus is a really nice guy.  We all like him a lot.  A beginner who is overmounted (tranlsation for the non-horsey:  he’s riding waaaaay too much horse for him) and doesn’t understand that love and twice a week’s practice won’t make him a better rider.  Great mare.  Does NOTHING dishonest.  Gus falls off occasionally at the trot and canter when he loses his balance.  He hates helmets.  Too hot.

When Gus fell off, it was Lilli’s experience, calm, and professionalism that made me really “get” just how many people we impact by our choices.  She had him pinned down to keep him from moving, and was yelling out commands (thank God!) directing each of us what to do.  Call 911!  Get the ice packs out of the freezer! Bring me clean polos, VetWrap, and diapers!  NO do NOT give him aspirin!  He could have a brain bleed, he’s concussed.  Someone get his wife on the phone!  You have 911?  Tell them to tell the paramedics he’s concussed, compound fracture of the tibia, no arteries…and it’s a horse accident, they’ll get it.  Get me a broom handle!

GUS. STOP MOVING.  WE NEED TO CHECK YOUR NECK.  Do you know who I am?  You’re going to be fine.  What’s your wife’s name, do you remember?  DON’T MOVE.  It’s going to be okay.  Can you feel this?  How about this?  Good.

There were at least ten people helping, and we were all terrified.  I mean shaking, frozen, gut clenched terrified.   I’m sure, to a person, every single one of us was thinking…”What if Lilli wasn’t here?  What if it was just me?  I wouldn’t have thought to pin him down.  Would I have remembered I could use a clean diaper on a big wound?  I always leave my cell in the car, I’m NEVER doing that again.”

“Oh God.  What if NONE of us were here?  I almost didn’t come today.”

This was Lilli’s relaxing day off from the intensity of her work, her down day to enjoy her horses.

Just think about it, okay?  Scroll down and take the helmet poll in the sidebar on the right.  If it’s a design issue, I’ll send the results to the top helmet manufacturers.

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