The Dressage Time/Space Continuum

I’m back in the sadddddle againnnnn….

Since my riding experience today was, in all honesty, being packed around by a very tolerant horse, it got me thinking about the existentialism of time in sport-horse riding.

In other words, I rode so badly I had to think about something that at least sounds intelligent in order to  feel less insignificant and horrible.

Dressage time and Real time exist on disparate reality planes.  I suspect this translates into other sport-horse riding disciplines as well.  Do we have any sport-horse riding astrophysicists out there who want to do some equations for us?  Don’t laugh.  I had a friend in college do her physics final by mathematically proving why we lose socks in the dryer.  She got an A+.

Interestingly, time off of the ‘knocking around’ kind of trail riding equals real time – no difference.

See the time equivalent conversion table below to find out how much riding skill you lose by taking time off.  (Even if it’s not your fault.)  Note the exponential increase in skill loss the longer you’re off the horse.

Actual Time Off Skill Loss Time
One Day None
Two Days A Weekend
Three Days A Week
A Week A Month
A Month A Year
A Year Ten Years
Ten Years Never Been on a Horse
More than Ten Years Do we really have to spell this out?

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